Project Details

Russell Thomas has been painting tribute portraits for several years and after having a discussion with the artist about his motivations, we felt compelled to make a mini-documentary about his work. As with many artists, their work isn't constant, but rather comes in and out of their lives over time. It was this latest resurgence of painting portraits that led Russell to find a profound connection between his work and it's potential to comfort to those suffering with loss.

The Services


Filmed in 4K with three cameras, mastered to Full HD.

Creative Direction

Performed two interviews and built a narrative around the story that emerged.

By The Numbers


Portraits since Elsie's mural


Portraits in 2016


Raised for various charities


Attendees to workshops

An important aspect to Russell's work is his selfless commitment to charitable partnerships. Often donating pieces of work to be auctioned or sold at charitable fund raisers, as well as participating in some events by LIVE painting the piece to be auctioned, he's earned the respect and support of the entire community.

Client's Feedback

"Sean was able to capture the essence of my story through a very mindful and creative approach to filmmaking. He made me feel very comfortable through the process and delivered a product that was exceptional."