It's been a rough year for Fort McMurray. During one of the hardest times the community has experienced, the rest of Canada rose up to help the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo persevere. As Thanksgiving was quickly approaching, the RMWB wanted to create a Facebook thank you message to share with the rest of the country and asked us to help make it happen in time. The video was viewed by almost a quarter million Canadians and received national media attention. We're grateful to be trusted with this important message of thanks.

The Services


Focusing on the different viewpoints of people affected by the fire, we filmed 6 interviews and B roll over 2 days.

Creative Direction

We provided story development to hone the available content into the elements needed to tell the story and deliver the message.

By The Numbers






Emotional Responses



Tight timelines and quick turnarounds are always a challenge, but when your heart's in the project you make it work. The RMWB endeavoured to get this message out all across Canada and we're happy to see how many Canadians received the message. Thank you for your support!