Project Details

Running a sports bar in the ultra competitive market of downtown Toronto requires a heavy social media presence. The management team at 276 King Street West asked if we could help promote some big sporting events they had coming up. Great food and cold beer? How could we refuse?

The Services


We wrote a short script, detailing all the key communicaiton points and highlighting their competitive advantages for sports viewing customers.


Filmed onsite in 4K RAW, high speed capture was used for food glamour shots and mixed with stills and motion graphics.

Creative Direction

Choosing the right food and beverage items to highlight was not a hard choice, but keeoing the list short enough to film in a single day certainly was.

By The Numbers


Shoot Day


Edited videos




Sold out events

It was tempting to eat all the food we needed to film, you can't smell how amaing everything was, but we remained focused on the task. Highlighting their high quality food and beverage offerings motivates their customers to make plans to watch these events at their location. A wise and rewarding deicision!