Project Details

For 8 years we provided photography support to Keyano College. All their creative marketing needs, every important live event and athletic games. In 2011, we approached the marketing director about adding video content to the college's marketing and communications strategy and the rest, as they say, is history. Working with the marketing dept, we pitched a fun parody video to help drive traffic to their academic programming video content. The stretegy worked and led to a sharp rise in engagement.

The Services


From creative studio shoots to live events to archival images of theatrical performances, we provided complete photography services for the college.


In late 2011, we added videography to our services. Talking head interviews, commercials and training videos. Full production, from concept through editing to output.


Leveraging our creative expertise to script some entertainment content to drive traffic to program information.

By The Numbers






YouTube Views


Video Engagement

If you walk the halls of Keyano, you'll see our work on posters, signage and printed materials. Our program information videos have garnered over 68,000 views. Added to the youtube videos are dozens of technical training videos and special projects. Hundreds of interviews and 306 live events covered. We honed our expertise creating content for Keyano and are thankful for opportunity.