Project Details

2016 marked the inaugural Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards. The event would be styled with a Midnight Circus theme and would be presented "in the round". We were excited by the ACWB's creative concept of having a digital, projected Master of Ceremonies and program introductions. We enthiusiastically drafted an outline, a look sheet and scripted all the necessary scenes. Working closely with their event coordinator, Michelle Thorne, we quickly recruited community talents and props and pulled everything together. The event was a feast for the senses with many delightful performers and a vivid display of local talent and art.

The Services


We scripted 13 scenes, one for each award category, along with the opening and closing monologues of the Digital MC.


Filmed in 4K with a 2 person crew. Editing and motion graphics. Coordinated setup of projection with venue technician.

Creative Direction

Developed concept to story, emphasizing the grandure of the theme while ensuring feasibility within the budget and timeline.

By The Numbers


Shoot day




Scenes filmed


Minutes of programming

With the short window of availability we had with the talent, preparation was vital. We worked with Macdonald Island Dance Academy and Keyano Theatre to ensure maximum production value for our scenes. Keyano provided the majority of the props, including the more difficult to find items, like 3 matching yellow typewriters!

Client Feedback

"As Executive Director of Arts Council Wood Buffalo, it was my pleasure to work with Rebel 5 Films on the video program for the inaugural Wood Buffalo Excellence in Arts Awards. Sean was able to develop our elaborate concept of a vintage, quirky circus environment, and make it a reality on a very short timeline. The video segments created were one of the highlights of the Art Awards Showcase – and truly transported spectators to a mysterious big top environment."

Constance Scarlett - Executive Director
Arts Council Wood Buffalo