Project Details

We've always wanted to see a film about one of our favourite Star Wars characters, Boba Fett. So we wrote a short, built a set and gathered some friends and made our first fan film. This short was a passion project among friends and we learned a great deal about filming narrative work throughout the production process. We used the project as a test bench for develping best practices when working with 4K RAW footage.

The Services


We wrote the short to capitalize on our available resources and as a teaser for a feature length script we developed in 2013.


Fiming took place over 4 days, with 6 days for set construction. The short was shot in 4K RAW and mastered to HD.

Creative Direction

We oversaw all creative aspects of the production. From costume/set design to visual fx and script changes.

By The Numbers




Pieces of waredrobe & props


Terabytes of 4K RAW footage


Hours of visual FX work

God bless the internet! 48 props were purchased on eBay three weeks before production. Our main costume pieces were found through various fan forums. As with most passion projects, we were fortunate to have roughly a dozen friends helping with set construction, prop building, makeup development and all manner of production assistance.